Throw Them a Bone!

I have two very distinct personalities to deal with in my life.One, is SO sweet and loving! She is in my face all the time, looking for a little snuggle!

The other is… well, more self-sufficient. As long as nothing disturbs our normal routine, everything is fine. But, there are certain things that will cause a ruckus EVERY time!

Two VERY different individuals that I love so much!

You might think, “How can she talk about David and Ashtynlike that?”  Except… I’m NOT!  I’m talking about my puppies!

It’s funny how pet personalities are SO REAL! Even my dogs have such very unique personality traits!

Chanel will tap me on the hand, endlessly, to pet her on the head. But Luppy, will look at me with ‘rat eyes’ if I even try to pick her up when she’s not in the mood.

GEEZ!!! Even animals can be complicated!

But, if we can let our dogs get away with just being who they are, and love them anyway… can’t we do the same for our human counterparts?

The people in our lives should count AT LEAST as much as our four-legged friends!

So, next time our human friends get on our last nerve, we should just “throw them a bone”! Maybe, scratch them behind the ears. (Too far?)



This Saturday, is National Puppy Day! Do you have a special furry friend in your life? Tell me your dog’s name AND share their Instagram account, if they have one.

Mine are @chanelthepommy and @luppycrank. They don’t post often because they’re a bit camera shy! Lol



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  1. Sharron

    Good morning Pastor Nicole,
    Your morning inspirations are always right on time!!! I pass them along to my coworkers and they truly enjoy them. I’m waiting in the Power of Pause for them to visit one of our services 🤗
    Have a blessed day!

  2. i had a dog named shep he was was great part german shepard and collie he died befour i went in to the servie i also had had a horse named duke american sadle and morgan he died i dont want any more pets i belive i will be minersting a lot soon and i wont have time for them i also like salt water fish dont have time for them

  3. Tridgett Kent

    Congratulations on the new television show! I’m estatic about your elevation to new heights — God is doing a great work in you! I also thank you for this platform…I am no longer a member of the social media society but wanted to reach out to you. About two and a half weeks ago you were in my dream. I was in a new home and you were there to bless it. There were people scurrying around and it was reminiscent of a movie (or moving) set. There was some dialogue between us and in what seemed like the second half of the dream, you were suddenly pregnant! Sitting in the congregation (@Earth City) this past Sunday, hearing your phrasing of being pregnant with dreams/aspirations didn’t awaken my remembrance of the dream. However…once the announcement was made about your new show, the dream was brought to the forefront! I just want you to know that God has another “plus one” on your team. Be blessed!

  4. Cheryl Morris

    I have 3 adorable dogs in my life Rusty, Happy, and Harper. Rusty and Happy are beagles and Harper is a beagle/ lab mix. I love them. My dogs aren’t camera shy when it comes to taking their pictures. Whenever I am having a bad day my dogs can always make me feel better. And yes I really do have a dog whose name is Happy and she is like my best friend she follows me everywhere. My dogs really are my best friends

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