One More Time!

Recently, I took one of those “Life Language” tests. It’s kind of like a personality profile.

According to it, I’m too HARD on myself. Uhh… yeah! Knew that! Tell me something I don’t know! Lol.

They did tell me that one of my “strengths” is that I’m STRONG! Awesome! Strong how? Like an Amazon woman?

No, more like…when my kids would get hurt, I’d encourage them and say, “You’re gonna be ok! You can get back up and dust it off. You’re gonna be good as new!”

(Kiss on the forehead, hug it out and let’s roll!)

My friend is more like, “Let her cry a minute. Just allow herto be hurt a second.”I’m wondering… why? We can fix this! There’s so much FUN we could be having!

Sometimes, I wish I was a little warmer, fuzzier, slower, softer, cuddlier, and cried more often…. But I’m not!

I’m strong! God made me this way! So, I guess the profile is right.

Being strong has helped me get through some pretty tough situations. But if they call it a strength, why does it, sometimes, feel like it’s a weakness to me?

That’s because, the enemy tries to get us to hate ourselves. He’ll tell us over and over again, “People don’t like that about you.”

“Dumb that down!”

“You talk too much!”

“Can’t you ever say anything smart?”

CONDEMNATION: no matter which way we are, no matter which way we try to be!

Don’t fall for the lies of the enemy! We’re strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might!

If we get knocked down, we’ll just keep getting up ONE… MORE… TIME!


Who else has been knocked down more than a few times? Show me a raised hand if you keep getting up, like me!


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  1. I am a scaredy cat. Right now it’s the worst! I believe and I am doing my best to trust God. I need the hugs and the there there. I need a tribe and so much more. My spiritual mom……..pray for this child of God to be strong and hear clearly where to go and how He’s gonna do it.

  2. Holly Braddock

    Yup, this last time has taken me a long time but after 5 years which is a long time i can feel hope again. God is really doing a major overhaul and i am sitting still for it. Thanks for your post i really look forward to them.😁

  3. Ericka

    WOW, Jesus must of relayed the current message. Keep in mind Joyce reminded me this morning that mushrooms grow overnight but Diamonds sometimes take YEARS to grow!! 🙏

  4. Tiffany

    I definitely can attest. Im so down on my luck right now. Nothing seems to be on track. I feel like i want to dump myself into a river. I can’t. I have nothing.

  5. Elizabeth

    Good teaching Pastor! Everyone needs to hear a great encouraging word like this one. Thank you! You’re outstanding! God bless you!

  6. Holly

    Thank you Pastor Nicole!
    Never give up!
    After I read them I send out your e-mails to my grown daughters.
    They are good!
    Blessings 💕

  7. Just call me Isaiah

    Nothing critically important! Just wanted to drop a line, and say I enjoy you both, watch you all the time. I’m a Coplendite, was catching your new show about the wine press, and just had to comment. Fits me to a tee! Now David’s a good pastor, but you girl, you’ve both got an anointing, I see the glow! You tell him I said he’s gonna have to step up his game though! Cause that anointing your wearing, well, it’s glowing bright, and growing big, and you wear it well! Congratulations for that! For it benefits us all!

  8. Thank you so much for being obedient to the call God has put in your life. Woods aren’t huge enough to tell you how much your teachings have made an impact on my life and walk with God. So again thank you with all my heart!!!

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