Recipe for Success!

Back in the day, David would always sneak into the kitchen and take the first piece of pie! When he ate cake, he wouldn’t eat a WHOLE piece. He’d just glean some of the icing off the top.

I guess, he comes by it honestly. His dad used to peel the thick chocolate icing off of the Hostess cupcakes…and just throw the rest away! Lol

In fact, Mrs. Fields used to sell just the muffin tops. (For me, that’ the best part!)

When we’re feasting on the BEST part of life… we’re fine; fine with God, fine with the family, and fine with our job!

But, there’s so much MORE to cake than icing. There’s more to life than just the cream. Are we gonna just eat the icing and walk away? Or… are we gonna claim the whole cake God made for us?

Besides…once you lick all the frosting off a cupcake, it’s basically, just a muffin. Ugh… too healthy!

When all the icing is gone and the rubber meets the road, how quickly do we start to doubt God’s goodness?

  • We want to leave the church!
  • Change jobs!
  • Give up on the relationship!
  • Break off the friendship!

What could we be missing if we walk away too soon?

Don’t stop at just the icing, there’s more for us. God has a foolproof recipe for our success!


Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD! Psalm 34:8



I’ll confess. I love to peel the crispy edges off of pancakes and eat them with my fingers. I guess, I’m just a bit Wild! What’s your favorite food fetish? Show me that I’m not alone.


Join me, THIS FRIDAY, March 8th, 7:30 pm at the Palm Beach Lakes H.S. for a FREE I Am Woman Event- I Am Wild!

Bring your friends and wear your animal prints. We’ll worship, learn, and hang out at a WILD after party! I’ll be there…will you?



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  1. i went to steak and shake last night i went in to the rest room there was a metal box on the wall it had some paper hanging out the bottom i kept pulling the paperi never found the end of the paper i got tired and went home

  2. Jean Copeland

    I read every text that come my way and you always speak to my heart with an eye Jeaopener.
    I enjoy the topics you talk about and sometimes they hit home.

  3. Patricia OP

    Hello Nicole
    Yes it’s hard to hold on to what we know God has called us. Besides we move quickly think quality but it’s not going anywhere until God in Jesus Name know we are ready for the next level. Patience is very important. I’ve learned to listen to Him and try not to procrastinate on what He tell me to do in obedience, praise and thankfulness.
    In my heart I’m glad because He’s speakimng to me right now as I type this email. I love your ministry. And I thank God for you and your husband in your generation of Ministry. You’re young and pursuing to win souls to JESUS Christ , Oh, Im working on a blog. I’ll send it to you as soon as I establish it.
    Have a blessed day.
    Love you In Jesus Name AMEN

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