Follow Me!

One time, when Ashtyn was about three years old, we were out shopping at a department store. Suddenly, I looked up and couldn’t find her! She was GONE!

OMG!!! Have you ever told your kids to follow you…and then, they didn’t?

I started yelling her name but she was nowhere around. I started running around the aisles a little faster and began to PANIC!

I was FRANTIC!!! What was I going to tell David? I lost your Mini-Me?

It was probably only a few minutes… but it seemed like forever! At last, I found her! THANK GOD!!!

She had crawled up under one of those big circular clothes racks to rest and play. She just got bored with following me around because she couldn’t keep up with my pace.

Somehow, we have the misconception that becoming a Christ-follower means that life will suddenly become much EASIER.

On the contrary, in Matthew 8:19-25, Jesus shows us three times, in a row, how hard it actually is to be a follower of Him.

I wanted the easy life!

Ever notice how persecution is always hot on the trail of every blessing? We get blessed and someone gets jealous.

We take new ground and all HELL breaks loose!

So, the question is this: When we’re tired and unsure and under fire… will we still follow Him?

God is constantly asking us to step out in FAITH, which is always beyond where we’re comfortable.

Say YES!

If you have a storm brewing and you know Jesus is sleeping down below… stick with HIM!

The boat NEVER sinks when He’s in it!


Okay… be honest! Have you lost one or more of your kids, before? Thumbs up for each time! Even worse…have you ever lost someone else’s kid?



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  1. Marlene Scott

    Only once at the airport. I looked everywhere except at the window where you view the airplanes going out. Yes for a few seconds I thought he was gone😎

  2. Holly Braddock

    Yes i did, my youngest son followed his brother and sister down to the river. Boy did i panic, i was a basket case.

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