I Can Dish It Out!

A lot of times, the way I act is NOT the way I want other people to act towards me.

When someone cuts me off in traffic, I get frustrated and BANG the steering wheel! But, when I need to get over a lane… I want GRACE!

If I’m in a hurry, I think there’s PLENTY of room on the elevator, so I just crowd in. But, if I’m on the elevator when someone ELSE squeezes in, then I just think they’re being pushy and SELFISH!

It’s all about ME! I can “dish it out” … but I can’t take it!

Psalm 18:25-26 basically says, that God will give us what we ARE to others.


  • If we want mercy, we have to SHOW MERCY.
  • If we want to be treated upright, we have to ACT UPRIGHT toward others.
  • If we want to be treated purely, we have to BE PURE toward others.


Forgive… and get forgiveness. Show love… and get love. We have to act right in order to be treated right.

Oh MERCY! I have some tuning up to do!!!

The good news is; the Word says that God will give us back EXACTLY what we are sowing into other people’s lives!

I guess that’s why He said for us to do to OTHERS as we would have them do to US! Man…He’s smart!

“Father God, thank you, that You are too kind to give us what we ACTUALLY deserve!”


Be honest! Have you ever really “dished it out” to someone in traffic?

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