Too Big for Your Britches!

When I was 22 years old, I had a big problem with my dry cleaner. (Or so I thought.)

I was getting ready for work, one morning, when I pulled on a pair of my wool pants. They were about TWO INCHES too short!


So I grabbed another pair, then another. This is unbelievable! The dry cleaner had shrunk ALL my fall pants!

EVERY pair was too short but every jacket still fit. So, I started getting suspicious.

I pulled out a tape measure and marked my height on the wall. OMG!!! I had grown TWO whole inches!

Sometimes, we GROW when we don’t even know!

We don’t even realize how much we’ve grown in spiritual strength until something comes along to test us.

We’ve come further than we realize. We’ve covered more ground and retained more teaching than we give ourselves credit for.

We’re growing out of our spiritual pants (in a good way) because the God of the Angel Armies is at work on the inside of us, right now!

You might be thinking, “But I’m not THERE, yet. I haven’t arrived.”

Most of us aren’t where we want to be, yet. But we sure aren’t where we used to be! We just have to CELEBRATE our progress along the way!


Do you feel like you’re growing in spiritual knowledge? Are you stronger, now, then you used to be? Get your emoji game on if this is you!

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