The Pressure of Perfection!

I don’t know about you, but those “read the Bible in somany days”plans really freak me out!  Do we really have to put pressure on ourselves about EVERYTHING?

Because for me, it then becomes about getting my pages in… not what I’m getting OUT of the pages.

I even pressure myself about the amount I read during study time as if the Bible Police are gonna bust in and start questioning me.

It’s NOT a race!

It’s not the number of pages or chapters that we read, but what we actually GET out of our reading. Are we hearing from God in the pages we do read?

  • I read slowly.
  • I underline and highlight in multiple colors.
  • I go back and read again if I don’t understand.
  • I Google word definitions.
  • I write notes to myself in the margins. (Yes, it’s okay to write in your Bible.)

This might not be you… but it’s me! That’s how I roll!

As long as we’re setting aside time with God every day, we can’t let ourselves feel pressured to do it a certain way. Or else, the PRESSURE of not doing it right will keep us from doing it at all!

Nobody’s PERFECT!

God always enjoys spending quality time with His kids! Just be with Him… He LOVES that!

Have you ever felt intimidated about reading the Bible, like you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing?  Me too! (Show me your hand.)


This would be the perfect time for you to pick up the HiGod, It’s Me Againbook and start reading “I Miss You God”on page 5.

Then, turn to pages 1-3 of the Study Guide and write down your thoughts. It’s an easy way to get the conversation going!

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  1. Sibonisiwe Mazula

    I always feel guilty or pressured if I don’t read the Word but from the bottom of heart I know the Word is always true.

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