Things That Rock the World!

In 2007, a couple of days after God impressed on David’s heart to start a campus in the St. Charles area, we were out looking at buildings.

We toured a property right along the interstate. This building was GORGEOUS! It had a modern lobby with a granite and custom wood reception desk that made me drool!

But, the building was already under contract. Oh well… I guess that dream is DEAD!

God never promised us that everything would go our way. He DID promise to use even the bad things for our good. A few days later, we got the call that the other deal had fallen through!

God brought our dream BACK from the dead! That building is now our Earth City Campus, touching and changing the lives of thousands of people!

It doesn’t matter what LOOKS dead, now… or how long it’s been dead. Jesus is about to bring it back to LIFE!

It’s not just about the story, it’s about the GLORY!God’s watch isn’t broken! It’s all about His divine timing!

Good Friday didn’t start out looking like a very good day for Jesus.But things that look dead, are the things that ROCK THE WORLD when they live again!



What in your life do you think is SO far gone, so over, finished, unrepairable, that you don’t even bother to ask God to fix it because that miracle would just be TOO BIG?

TOO BIG, is just the kind of God we serve!



Won’t you join us at Faith Church, this GOOD FRIDAY, as we honor the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for us! Free childcare for ages 0-4. (Faith Kids will not be open.)


Sunset Hills 6:30 PM          Ferguson Florissant 6:30 PM

Earth City 7:30 PM             Weldon Spring 6:30 PM

West Palm Beach 7:30 PM


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  1. Taneka

    I’ve been praying on a new job for about 6 months and I thought the position had been filled. But I went recently and submitted my resume, and found out that the position hasn’t been filled yet. I will continue to pray for this job claim it and, thank God for My New position. Victory is mines. Thank you Pastor for this message today. I no God has something Big in store for me and my family because the devil have been attacking us left and right. But God! But God! We will keep on eyes and faith on you and continue to fight the good fight. Glory to God. Thank you again. Hope everyone have a blessed day.😇

  2. My dream is to teach but I’ve been struggling with my teacher 👩‍🏫 certification exam. In the coming months I’m taking it. Please pray for me. I serve a mighty God. God bless you. 😇

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