Here’s Your Sign!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this:

“I was driving down the road and prayed, ‘God if you’re real, please give me a SIGN.’ And then, I saw your church’s billboard… and here I am!”

God has a delightful sense of humor…don’t you think? And, He truly wants to show us the way.

Do you feel like you’re traveling through life not knowing exactly where to turn or which exit to take? Are you just hoping for signs that will show you which way to go?

So, how do we know if we’re going the right way? God tells us to be led forth with peace.

Before we make a decision, we’re supposed to check to see if we have PEACE on the inside, even in the midst of a storm on the outside.

You might be thinking, “But, what if I’m not sure?”

If you don’t know… then DON’T GO! My husband always says, “If it’s God today, it’ll be God tomorrow.”

We wait until we have peace!

But, the new job benefits look so great, or the new guy has such a cute smile, or the new friend is just so hilarious! If we don’t have peace about it… we don’t go!

Nothing happens by accident. I believe, God led you to read this, today because you have an important decision to make.

He wants you to listen to His Spirit and follow Him into the blessing, success, and peace that He has for you!

Have you ever felt lost and asked God to give you a sign?  Show me a raised hand! You’re not alone!


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10 Responses

  1. Angela

    I think this message is for me. I have an important decision to make and I’ve been asking for a sign. The holy spirit keeps saying you’ll feel peace then you’ll know. But then again I’m not 100% sure. I guess I’ll have to keep waiting and praying till I’m sure.

  2. Angelica Gonzalez

    I live with my daughter’s father and he abuses mentally and verbally. I want to move out of his place but I have no family or friends to help. I have knocked on doors but no help comes my way. He took my car away from me because my church is twenty minutes away and he complains that it’s too far , so the car and my daughter can’t go to church. I’m waiting on God for answers, what should I do? How should I move? I’m so lost! I don’t know what to do. I’m just fed up with this situation. I need peace in my life. Please pray the Lord will provide me with a vehicle so I can move and do the things I need to do. Have a blessed day everyone!!!

  3. Jason

    It feels like everything I see from you is like you are talking right to me it fits my life right now I have been asking for a lot of signs and I have gotten some and one was not what I really wanted but I did ask for it now just have to deal with it thank you Nicole

  4. Kelly Paradis

    Thank you so much for this. I had a very emotional week. And many health issues and was trying to decide if I should continue pushing myself despite not sleeping due to extra body pain and after reading this I decided to take the rest of my Friday off and try to get a good night of sleep before busy weekend. I am singing No Greater Love on Sunday and only had a week to practice it. Pray I don’t mess it up. I really love the lord and I am so grateful for everything he did for us. I want the world to know how much.

  5. Sheree Riney

    I remember jokingly out loud praying to the Lord asking for the other half of my rent. And when I arrived home a neighbor called me and said, “Hey Sheree go out in your garage and check the yellow pages phonebook on the table and Lord and behold. there was 5 $100 bills. My rent was $1060. Well two days later the same neighbor came by and told me to look again in the garage in the yellow pages. And again God did it, there was another 5 $100 bills brand new money.
    So God didn’t only give me half he gave me double for my trouble!
    My husband and I were flabbergasted! I thought look at God and thank you Jesus! That was a Godwink moment. I had only been saved a year and I knew then for sure He is a humorous and awesome God!

    I attend Faith Earth City and I’m on Hospitality ministry. I had surgery and haven’t been there! I miss Faith Church and my brothers and sisters! Love you and Pastor David!

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