What’s Bugging You?

It’s MY fault. I should’ve known better than to read my email before going to bed. That’s usually when people want to share BAD NEWS with me.

Uh oh! There it was…the mysterious request. “Please, call me ASAP.”

Immediately, I started assuming the WORST. All these negative scenarios started playing out in my mind. I got myself so worked up that I finally had to take a Tylenol PM just to go to sleep.

Jesus said, “Don’t WORRY about your life…” (Luke 12)

Don’t worry about what you’ll eat. Do the birds worry? Doesn’t GOD take care of them?

Don’t worry about what you’ll wear. Do the lilies worry? Doesn’t GOD make them beautiful!

Don’t worry if Aunt Mildred is going to like what you gave her for Christmas. Don’t worry if you can’t find that special gift for your spouse.

Don’t worry about ANYTHING!

The next morning, I called that person, expecting the worst. All they wanted, was to ask me one EASY little question. (Whew!)

Have you been losing sleep? What’s BUGGING you?

Don’t get caught up in the stress and fear of what MIGHT happen. (Like I did.) Faith pleases God. Walk in FAITH and lay it all down at Jesus’ feet.

I’m not saying that your problem isn’t BIG. I’m saying, whatever it is, God is BIGGER! If you’re in a NEGATIVE mindset, then your mind is NOT SET on God!

Continue reading “Laughter, Not Worry” on page 69 of the Hi God, It’s Me Again Devotional.

What’s been keeping YOU up at night? Please, share your thoughts with us, below.

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  1. Lelia Booker-Burns

    Hi Pastor Nicole!
    Thank you for this post! It came to my email yesterday but I didn’t read it til today. Why? Because I was wading in deep then flailing in something that is got my stomach doing flips, sleepless last night, and many tears. This is NOT my norm. You explain and put things in such wonderful perspective. I’m sure you hear it all the time lol, but I really wish I could talk with you across the table right now. I’m trying to keep God in my mind, being mindful to show Jesus in what I say and do. Family issues today are like a spider web or dominos. I don’t want to be waiting for the next shoe to drop or worry about “what if I make the wrong choice?” They are piling on right now and I’m calling out to the Holy Spirit to guide me; that I would hear and understand; that He give me the right words; not let anger, fear or worry build up in me. Lord I just want them to see You and Your peace; like a fountain pouring out of me, not me, but You. Thank you Lord! Amen.
    Please pray for mended fences, love and patience showing, honesty, and that all involved listen to God.
    Thank you again! You and pastor David are such blessings

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