New Traditions

I have to tell you, my MOST favorite thing about the holidays is getting to spend TIME with my family.

It’s a real opportunity to dive into them, to hear from them and to SNUGGLE and enjoy them!

While our daily lives seem to move at a million-miles-a-minute, I really enjoy this season when we’re allowed to put our work on hold and just get to be TOGETHER.

This year, we started a BRAND NEW tradition in our family. Now that Austin is grown up and pastors the church in Florida, with Morgan, we have to be FLEXIBLE and make holidays happen whenever the whole family can be together.

So, our family Christmas was this past Friday, December 15th.

We made a HUGE breakfast; eggs, sausage, homemade waffles with whip cream and fresh berries, hash brown casserole, (cooked until it was brown and crispy on the top) biscuits and gravy- whatever each family member said they wanted.

We were LAUGHING and tripping over each other in the kitchen. Then we took PICTURES by the Christmas tree while things were baking, ATE until we could barely move and then opened PRESENTS!

What a FABULOUS day!

If your family doesn’t have any traditional holiday customs, to speak of, then I want to encourage you; maybe it’s time to start something NEW!

Create your own holiday version of a FAMILY FUN TRADITION! As long as you’re together…it’s all GOOD!
Do you have a favorite OLD tradition or a NEW one you’ve recently started? Tell us all about it, below.

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