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Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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What’s Your Excuse?


October 2, 2017


Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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The other morning on our vacation, we did this “totally human” thing. We were messing around when we were supposed to be studying and praying. We were talking, dancing, playing, being silly and rolling around on the floor.

All of the sudden it was time to check out of the hotel…but we hadn’t even read our Bible!

A lot of times I won’t allow myself to do the thing I WANT to do until I finish that thing I know I SHOULD do. It’s one of the only ways I know to keep myself disciplined and heading the right direction. But some days I have such a good excuse! (Like ‘it’s not my fault it’s checkout time!’)

Here’s what I have found, there is NEVER a shortage of good EXCUSES.

• I CAN’T exercise, today…I just washed my hair.
• I CAN’T read my Bible, this morning…I woke up late.

And those, are just a couple of small ones. What about the BIG excuses we make to God, that may be holding us back?

• I CAN’T start a business…I’m just a single mom.
• I CAN’T go into the ministry…how would I get by without a corporate paycheck?
• I CAN’T get into shape, now…I’m way too far gone.
• I CAN’T go back to school…I work full-time AND I have kids!

My biological clock is ticking! IF ONLY, I was younger. IF ONLY, I was still single? It’s just TOO LATE for me!

We have all these brilliant reasons why we CAN’T do what God has called us to do. So, our divine destiny has been put ON HOLD.

Don’t let delayed OBEDIENCE result in a delayed BLESSING! Just get up and do it, NOW! Do it AFRAID! No more EXCUSES!

What are some of your BEST, “go-to” excuses? Honesty promotes encouragement. C’mon! I shared mine! Take a moment and share with us, here.

And – if you want more encouragement like this, go to to get more for FREE of course 🙂

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  1. Wanda Snell says:

    Love it you are soooooo right put God frist and ask him to lead you through his Will not yours. So there is no Excuse when he is frist youe day goes so good. Peace and Blessing much.???? Wanda

  2. Dorothy Castillo says:

    My excuse “how can I do God’s work when I’m living in sin?”

    • Nicole Crank says:

      Dorothy – we are all sinners saved by God’s grace!
      Don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂
      I like to say “Admit it. Quit it. Forget it.”

  3. Marinda Ferrell says:

    A lot on my mind.

    • Nicole Crank says:

      Marinda – praying for you today!
      God says, “The steps of a righteous person are ordered by the Lord.”
      Let Him lead you friend! 🙂

  4. Evelyn Anderson (Evie) says:

    Some of my best excuses are and sometimes I still use:

    I can’t do that I am disabled

    I am afraid they won’t like what I have to say

    What if God gets mad at me because I haven’t stopped

    They won’t accept me here because my son is Gay and I Love
    him, his is now and always will be my baby! He just got
    married, I have been afraid to tell anyone at Church that
    except Angela who told me that this Church does not judge
    people and one or two other’s

    I was sexually assaulted by my Landlord and they will know
    and they will judge me.

    I have wanted to die and God has to know, what if other’s
    found out, they would think I am crazy.

    I have to get my homework done

    I have to write an essay and I don’t have time

    No one would want a ride to Church in this beat up car, they
    have other people who do that.

    I am scared to pray when I feel like I have been fighting with
    God ! I really wish you would tell me what my purpose is
    everyone says you won’t give me more than I can handle, I
    am there.

    After this car accident ant it was pretty major and this last health scare, we had a little miracle happen in our home. I have a roommate that God put in my life for all the right reasons and Hurricane Irma and my health condition got us locked down in a hospital with some of the best Doctors and Nurses I have ever been around. There has been too much ammonia in my brain which can cause memory problems and all sorts or brain related issues. They tried a medication that cost over $1,300.00 and it caused some bad side effects. Wellington Medical Center put me on a different medication, cheaper, it tastes really bad, but it worked!!! I guess I am saying I am trying to make time in my life because God is showing me how strong I can be. I have both my legs and my arms and all my outside body parts. I may be in a lot of pain from the accident, but I have had so many other health issues and God has walked me through them, Jesus has carried me when I couldn’t walk. I finally understand what the Pastor’s mean when they say God spoke to me. I used to get a little jealous or use it as an excuse not to pray or make time for God in my life. It didn’t matter, every time I got mad, jealous, scared, busy, or came up with any other excuse, he has always been there. I can sometimes hear him in my Father’s voice saying “Okay, are you done, I still love you, now, stop making excuses and let’s get this done”.

    I Love Faith Church!!!

    You are my Family, my Community, My Friends, thank you for always being there and accepting me for who I am now and who I am becoming. Thank you God! Thank you for bringing this Church and these people into my life.

    • Nicole Crank says:

      Evie – speak God’s promises over your life! 🙂 He’s got so many for us!
      The Bible says NO weapon formed against us will prosper. AND Perfect love casts out all fear.
      God LOVES you. He is FOR you. He will NEVER leave you.
      You are precious 🙂

  5. Marian Johnson says:

    Some of my bests excuses use to be- I am not talented enough I am too short , I am not flamboyant enough, I am not pretty enough, not educated enough, having a bad hair day and not feeling well enough

    • Nicole Crank says:

      Marian, I love how you said my best excuses “used to be!” … Those thoughts are in your past!
      God says YOU are enough, you’re more than a conqueror, you can do all things through HIM, and you are fearfully and wonderfully made!
      And thank God for hats on those occasional bad hair days -LOL! We’ve all been there!

  6. Julie Walker says:

    I have paid for and taken these classes before, it’s a waste of time! I struggle as a student!

    • Nicole Crank says:

      Julie – praying for your today! Believing that you’ve come too far to quit now! You are going to come out of this struggle wiser, better and stronger than ever before! The Bible says in 2 Timothy that God has given YOU a spirit of power, love and a sound mind! You have the mind of Christ -you got this girl!

  7. Naomi Randazzo says:

    I’m too old and a widow. I wouldn’t even know where to start by myself.

    • Nicole Crank says:

      Naimo – thank you for your comment!
      The Bible says “Wisdom is with the aged…” We are never too old to start something new, and you’re starting it WITH God! And HE will never leave us alone or by ourselves!
      Praying for you today! 🙂

  8. Mick Long says:

    I haven’t started working on my certification to become a teacher. Don’t have the money and, I’m not 100% sure this is what God is calling me to do. Very confused. Any advice? Thanks Mick



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