What’s Your Kryptonite?

You know what I’m talking about. Those temptations that we try to avoid because they manage to trip us up every time.

One of mine, is The 54th Street Grill in St. Louis. I have to keep away from there because I have an awkward drinking problem. I don’t dip my waffle fries in the Queso Dip…I prefer to just DRINK the melted cheese straight out of the bowl!

And that temptation is just FOOD!

For many of us, FEAR is our ultimate Kryptonite. It’s the big green stumbling block that stops us in our tracks.

  • It’s the fear to apply for the job.
  • Fear to ask them out for a date.
  • Fear to go back to school.
  • Fear to get married.
  • Fear to buy the car or the house.
  • Fear to start the new business.
  • We are PARALYZED by fear, but we don’t often know why.

Lex Luther used Kryptonite against Superman. Our enemy uses OUR FEARS as Kryptonite against us. (Isn’t it funny how much Lex Luther sounds like Lucifer?)

We think we’re so smart, but the enemy keeps putting that thing back in the middle of our path, just waiting for us to trip up, again.

Lots of times, we know what our weaknesses are, but we don’t recognize our SUPERPOWER. The center of our power is our “HI GOD TIME”, the time we spend connecting with the Creator.

Seven days without prayer, makes one WEAK!

Tap into LOVE. Tap into GOD and get your POWER BACK!

What’s your most powerful food Kryptonite? I shared my story. Be brave and share yours, below?

Need a little more POWER in your prayer life? Allow me, to read each devotional to you, and take me with you wherever you go.

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4 Responses

  1. Sally

    That’s so true pastor I have fear every day but I still go out there and do it and then I see how God work it out for me all the time

  2. Dorothy

    I get jealous of what other people have and then I go off and start thinking terrible things. I guess my emotional kryptonite is jealousy..

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