When Your World Gets Rocked!

Do you remember the first time your world got rocked? Did something bad happen to you, back in the day? And all these years later…you’re STILL ROCKING a little bit?

My world was rocked before I was even born. My biological father gave me up BEFORE he even saw me.

Of course, as a baby, you don’t know this stuff. But later, I felt like I had HOLES in my life, just knowing that there was someone out there who didn’t want me.

There was a man, his name was Robert and he adopted me here in the United States when I was three years old. It’s funny, how we can get so hung up on who DIDN’T want us, instead of focusing on what God DID for us?

The man that I call Dad didn’t have to love me…he CHOSE to love me. I AM CHOSEN!

I want you to know that Faith Church is your “family of choice”. We CHOOSE you! We LOVE you, just like our Heavenly Father loves you…unconditionally!

In Matthew 14, the disciples are on a boat and they’re getting beat up and rocked by the waves. Immediately, Jesus speaks to them. He says, “RELAX guys, it’s Me. I got this!”

Do you ever feel like life has been beating up on you? Even when you’re in the middle of the mess, God is always talking to you. Just LISTEN. When you look to Him, (instead of the waves) He’ll answer, IMMEDIATELY!

I’m telling you right now, GET READY! He knows that your world has been rocked and JESUS is coming just for YOU!



Who or what has ROCKED your world in the past? Tell us about it.


For further study, turn to “When Giants Come” on page 237 of the “Hi God” Devotional, and page 233 of the Journal & Study Guide.

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  1. I was rocked back in 2004 when I had a boss who harassed me. I had a panic attack after realizing that the institution where I worked would protect him and not me. Further still I was not the first nor the last to be “bought” off by the institution. He’s still at the institution and he told me on my way out that he would destroy me. I left at a high point of my career. This not only crashed me in crushed me, I am still fighting to get back to the level of my career that I worked hard on. Knowing that he’s still there keeps the wound open and fresh.

  2. Tami Reynolds

    Thank you for sharing, lately my world has been rocked, I have faith and I’m keeping my eyes on Him. As much as I rely on Him, I also find my flesh getting weak sometimes while fighting 2 cancers and being tested for a third.

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